Why Build a Pergola?

Do you live in or around Lucedale, MS and are considering building a pergola or arbor for your outdoor space? Pergolas are attractive outdoor structures that can be designed specifically for your deck area. They can be made with as much or as little visibility as you want, depending on the size and design you prefer. Most pergolas are constructed from wood or other materials that are treated to prevent rot and fading. They can be built on your deck or attached to the outside of your home to create a shaded area, similar to a covered porch.

When installing a pergola, it’s important to determine the size and location where you want it to go. This often involves consulting with one of our deck building contractors to discuss your budget and desired location, and to assess the size and space of your deck to ensure the pergola will fit properly.

We offer custom-built pergolas that meet your needs and fit the available space. We can help you design a pergola that is detached and placed on your deck or separated from your home to provide shade for your deck. Many people choose pergolas with a moderate amount of visibility to allow for some direct sunlight. If you want more shading or more visibility, let us know so we can incorporate these preferences into the custom design for your pergola.

Building Materials
Common building materials for pergolas include wood, aluminum, vinyl, and concrete. The type of material we use depends on how you want your pergola built and your budget. We can also use deck materials such as composite, wood, and Trex, which are popular among professionals.

It’s important to manage your budget when building a pergola so that it meets your needs without being too expensive. Your budget will determine the building materials used, the size of the pergola, and its location. Freestanding pergolas can be more expensive because they have to be built from the ground up as independent structures. Attaching a pergola to the side of your home to shade or cover a deck area may be less expensive than a standalone pergola, but it will still need to meet local building standards to ensure it doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of your home or damage the surrounding landscape. All of these factors will be taken into account when discussing your budget for a pergola.

If you are considering building a pergola or arbor at your Lucedale home or business, contact us to day to discuss your project and schedule a free estimate.

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