Why Build a Pool Deck?

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Pool decking can be installed around your pool to create a relaxing area or connect your outdoor space to the pool. You can choose between composite or real wood for your pool deck, depending on your preference. Pool decking can improve the appearance of your pool, enhance safety and security, and make it more convenient to access.

Best Materials for Your Pool Deck
The best materials for pool decking include composite wood, wood treated with wood rot prevention solutions, and Trex deck. Synthetic materials such as Trex deck and composite wood are durable and resistant to stains when exposed to water and sunlight. The best material for your pool deck will depend on your budget and the look you want to achieve.

Water-resistant Decking
Synthetic decking materials are highly recommended for use near a pool because of their durability and water resistance. They offer more value for your money and require less maintenance than natural wood. If you choose hardwood for your deck, we recommend using a wood rot prevention solution to protect it from water damage.

Different types of pool deck materials require different levels of maintenance. Natural wood needs to be treated more often to prevent rot and infestations, while composite and synthetic materials do not require as much maintenance but may benefit from occasional power washing to prevent discoloration and dirt buildup. We can also help with wood deck restoration and repairs if your wood deck is deteriorating.

The material you choose for your pool decking will depend on your budget and the desired aesthetic. All of our pool deck materials are attractive, and we can help you find the best option for your needs. If you choose wood, you can customize the appearance with wood stain, which penetrates the top layer of the wood to alter its shade. Staining your deck does not affect its strength or integrity, but it does change its appearance. You will need to invest in wood rot prevention for your wood deck and re-stain it periodically to maintain its color.

Building a pool deck is a detailed project and we know you want a competent deck builder to complete your vision.  If you are in the Lucedale area or live around there, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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